Body Love During Pregnancy

I recently shared a post discussing body love and self image. You can check out that post here: Health Mindset & Body Love. I thought I would piggy back off that post and share how I maintain a positive self image during the season of pregnancy and what has worked for me personally. Being pregnant is absolutely amazing and beautiful, but there are times where you can feel uncomfortable in your skin/body as so many changes take place. I personally experienced this more with my first pregnancy than second because everything was so new to me.

I would love to know anything that helps you when it comes to a positive self image!

1.Control What You Can Control

There are so many different symptoms in pregnancy that you can experience which are out of your control. Some days are simply better than others, and that is totally normal and okay. Each trimester presents different challenges and changes which we learn to adjust and adapt to. Control the aspects of your health that you can and do what you are able to do. Take it one day at a time and remember how hard your body is working and how amazing that is!

2.Keep A Health Mindset

Changing your mindset to a place of health will help tremendously as your body changes. Approaching everything from a health/wellness standpoint will keep the main thing as the main thing. Your body will do what it wants, but if you are doing what you can to keep it healthy and strong, that is all that matters!

3.Prioritize Mental Health

I feel like it is so easy to focus on our physical health during pregnancy because that is what is naturally at the forefront of our minds. However, I think focusing on our mental health is just as important. Find ways to fuel your mind, practice self care, and do what you need to to stay in a clear and positive head space.

4.Keep Perspective Of The Season

Recognizing that pregnancy and post partum are only a season will help keep things into perspective. I feel like with this second pregnancy I have gained the perspective needed from my first to keep me in a positive space. Enjoy the season you are in and do what you can to make it a positive experience!

5.Give Yourself Grace

At the end of the day, we can only do our best. Don’t be hard on yourself during this season and remember it is just that, a season. Give yourself the grace you would extend to others and continue to take it step by step!

Sending light and love!




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