Baby Products We Use At 6 Months

I can not believe our youngest son will be six months tomorrow. I forgot how quickly the first year goes, and how they basically change overnight. I have shared products throughout the months that we are actually using and gravitating towards. You can check those out here: Newborn Essentials: First 2 Weeks, Newborn Essentials: First 6 Weeks , and Baby Products We Use At 4 Months.

Many items have stayed the same and we have incorporated a few more. Things that I have already mentioned and we still use include: car seat, stroller, carrier, changing mat, crib, sleep sacks, diapers/wipes, burp cloths, play mat, rocker (outside), activity center, pumping parts, bathtub, and bumbo. One item we have not used but is a staple is our pack and play. We are fortunate that both of our parents have a crib that we utilize while traveling.

Additional items we are now using are….

1.Door Jumper

This is one of our favorite baby products. Both of our sons love to jump and move and have absolutely loved this!

2.High Chair

We started purees at four months and have been using our high chair for dinners. Our son loves sitting with us, eating, and also playing with some toys. After our older son, we realized we wanted something that we could wipe down and clean, which has been awesome!

Favorite Suction Toys: Fascination Station & Wonder Wheel

3.Feeding Utensils & Water Cup

We are starting to add more to our collection or replace some of my son’s older things. We are using feeding spoons that my son can use independently, as well as suction plates to practice pincher grip with certain foods. We will incorporate his water cup this week to practice those motor skills as well!


Our son is literally chewing on anything and everything. He has loved having different teethers and constantly has them in his mouth. Two of his favorites are…


We have now entered the phase where our son likes to have a play area for tummy time or when he is sitting up. I am using all of our older son’s toys and keep a basket in the living room of ones that are appropriate for his age. This is really personal preference!

What items did you use around this age? I will share more around the nine month mark!

As always, sending light and love!



**Links are affiliate links if you choose to use them. I appreciate all the support!


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