5 Tips To Stay Motivated

I recently started a new fitness program to finish out 2019 and I began thinking about how I stay motivated throughout the year. I truly believe motivation is only what gets you started. Forming habits and creating consistency is the secret sauce to continue anything you desire to have motivation in. I know the end of the year can be a hard time to maintain motivation, so I wanted to share 5 tips to end the year strong!

1.Know Your WHY

Whatever it is you desire, know WHY you are doing it. What is the driving force or reason it is important to you? Once you understand your why, you gain a new perspective and outlook on what you are trying to accomplish.

Why is exercise important in your life? Why do you want to create healthy eating habits? Why do you want to maintain a tidy/clean home? Why do you want to reach a business/career goal? Why is it important to take care of the “chores” or daily tasks?

2. Think BIG Picture

Whatever it is you are wanting to achieve, have a clear understanding of the big picture. Understand that things take time, and small consistent changes or tasks build up to the larger goal. Know that the work you put in daily will add up to something bigger!

3.Create Goals & Look At Them Daily

This is something I have really practiced this past year, and it has been a game changer for me. I have my goals listed in my gratitude journal that I look at daily, as well as my vision board that is my computer background. I created my vision board in Google PowerPoint so as I achieve something, I can check it off and have a constant daily visual or check-in. There really is something to seeing what you desire every day.

4.Have A Plan

Whatever you need motivation in, have a plan to get it done! For example, I like to follow specific workout programs to stay motivated and on track. I also follow a cleaning schedule every other week to take the guess work out. Anything I need to get done or want to accomplish I write it out and set a time to get it done. Make a plan, stick to it, and hold yourself accountable!

5.Create Habits & Build Consistency 

Once you have created a habit, you no longer will need that initial motivation you felt to get you started. Consistency will get you the results you are looking for and pay off! Continue to allow yourself grace and take those small daily steps you are in control of!


Bonus: Do Things With A Joyful Attitude

Your outlook and perception of things can make a HUGE impact on your motivation. This year I have really tried to maintain a joy filled and positive mindset on all things, including those I am not that thrilled about doing. It gives me a reality check and brings me back to my WHY. Things I think about…

I am so lucky I get to use and strengthen my body. What a gift it is to have my health!

I am so fortunate to have a home to take care of and set the tone and environment for our family.

What a blessing it is to have so many resources available at my fingertips. I am so grateful to go to the doctor and seek a professional…I am so grateful to be able to pick up a hot meal for my family….I am so grateful to buy food and fill our home with healthy options..I am so grateful for 2 vehicles that take us where we want to go…..I am so grateful for AC, plumbing, electricity, internet, etc…

What a gift it is to have all of this laundry to clean because I am surrounded by family and people I love, and we never have to go without…

What are some ways you stay motivated? I would love to know!




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