5 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

You know those days that are just HARD? The days where nothing seems to go right and it’s one thing after the next. I have definitely had my fair share and am recognizing how to quickly turn it around so it is not dragging longer than it needs to. Today I wanted to share easy ways to shift your perspective with those days that just aren’t cooperating with you. I would love to know anything you do to turn hard days around!


1.Acknowledge & Alter 

I think it is so important to acknowledge what you are feeling so you aren’t dismissing anything you are experiencing or that has gone “wrong”. Vent or let it out and then decide how you are going to take charge of the remainder of the day. Our minds are SO powerful in creating energy and experiences around us, it truly is amazing. Remember that you may not be in control of the things and circumstances around you, but you ARE in charge of your reactions and responses. A bad day can take a turn….if you allow it!

2. Fresh Air & Sunshine

There truly is something to being outside and taking in nature. There are different ways you can “ground” yourself simply by making contact with Earth (barefoot). Some say that grounding can reduce stress as well as promote additional health benefits. There are different techniques and resources you can look into if you are interested in implementing it in addition to soaking in some vitamin D!

3. Gratitude Check List

When I am having a bad day or throwing myself a pity party I can usually snap out of it by simply running through a mental gratitude check list. I will think about ALL the wonderful things I am blessed with just to keep perspective and remind myself how fortunate I am. It helps me keep the bigger picture in mind and gives me a needed reality check.


Finding ways to laugh through something can turn a bad day around. Laughing also releases endorphins which can make you feel better and is just good for the soul.


Having strong relationships and connections can be so helpful when you are going through something hard. Being able to talk to people who support and uplift you can help you gain insight and reflect on your circumstances. Reach out to loved ones who listen and fill you up!






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