Toddler PM Routine

If you know me personally, you know I am all about structure and routines. As a former classroom teacher, I saw first hand the importance of a structured day and the impact it made on children. With that said, I know kids can throw curve balls and many days don’t go as “planned”. I like to maintain a “flexible structure” mindset where I keep our routines in place, but understand life happens and to just go with it when I need to.

I thought I would share our night time routine with little man! He has had the same routine since he stopped nursing throughout night. I would love to know what your family does, or anything special to end the day!


6:15(ish)pm: Clean Up 

We clean up all toys, books, etc. as a family. I think it is important to model what that looks like, and also have him learn to have responsibility for his things.

6:20(ish)pm: Book/PJS/Bath

Our son LOVES picking out his book for bedtime. He chooses one and places it on the chair to be read. After he picks a book he puts his clothes in the hamper and brushes his teeth. Anything he can do independently, I encourage!

6:25(ish)pm: Bath Time

We do this as a family!

6:35(ish)pm: Dressed & Ready for Bed 

We get dressed for the night and sing our favorite songs (dad says goodnight).

6:40(ish)pm: Read, Pray, Sing

I read a book then turn off the light and we do a prayer. After that we rock/snuggle and sing “Jesus Loves Me” and “Jesus Love The Little Children”.

6:45(ish)pm: Lay Down 

I put our son in the crib when we are done and he will jump for a few minutes and then lay down and go to sleep. He is generally asleep by 7:00pm.



General Night Time Prayer (changes with what is going on )

Dear God,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for Momma, Dadda, and our family. Thank you for keeping us healthy and safe in all that we do. Continue to be with us and use us to be a light to others. Help those who need you a little more tonight. Keep us safe in your arms and help us to have a good night’s sleep. We love you. Amen.


Our nighttime is pretty smooth 99 percent of the time, but that took a lot of repetition and practice on both ends! It is something we all enjoy as a family and a special way to end the day! I would love to know anything special you incorporate!





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