Texas Winter Storm Take Away

If you are from Texas, you know it has been quite the week! Although our family is on the upside, I know there are still so many people struggling. Please keep thinking about those who are without power, water, or dealing with home damage. We truly have never experienced anything like this.

Although I never want to experience this again, it definitely gave us some perspective….which seems to be this years theme. I thought I would share some thoughts from the week and what I was personally reminded of. If you are from Texas, I would love to know any of your take-aways. Thinking any praying for everyone!

Before things took a turn…

1.We are SO blessed to have basic needs met every day without even thinking twice about them. Not having water, a warm home, or meal will make you realize real quick how blessed you are.

2.We experience so much abundance in our day to day that we completely take for granted like electricity, cooking food, taking a shower, doing laundry, running the dishwasher, etc. If you are able to do these things day in and day out you are so blessed!

3.We have become so accustomed to a certain way of life, until it is taken away we truly don’t realize how fortuante we are.

4.There is always going to be someone worse off. Reach out and help in any way possible.

5.Being the one in need was humbling but reminded us how amazing people are. I have been blown away how people will go out of their way to take care of others.

6.As much as we try, we are not in control.

7. Make the best out of your situation in any way you can, especially when children are involved. Who knew family slumber parties, flashlight baths, and truck heating sessions could be so much fun for a three year old.

As always sending light and love!




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