25 Minute Full Body At Home Workout

I love being able to squeeze in workouts at home because it eliminates any excuse to find the time to move my body.  There are so many programs and options out there (subscriptions and free), it makes working out extremely convenient and accessible. I enjoy following programs or attending classes because it takes the guess work (and planning) out, however sometimes I like to create my own.

I thought I would share an easy full body workout you can do at your own pace. Each move is a compound move, so you are working multiple muscle groups at once. I used 12s and 15s, however you can use ANY weight that is challenging or feels comfortable for you. Also takes breaks when you need to and listen to your body! This workout can be mixed up by switching out the cardio bursts as well as changing your rep range. Since it is based on reps, take note of your form and make that a priority!

I would love to know your favorites or if you tried this at home! 


Video Demo: Demo

Hope you were able to move your body today!






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