Joyful Living: Part 2

I recently shared ways that have helped me maintain a joyful and positive mindset. You can check out the last post here: Joyful Living: Part 1. Today I wanted to share the last five ways that have personally helped me. Let me know if you do try some or plan to implement them!


6. Remember Like Attracts Like

You attract the type of energy you give out into the world. If you want good, positive, and happy things to happen you have to make an effort to live that way.

7. Stay Connected/ Grounded

Once again this can look different for everyone (prayer, meditation, quiet time…). For me, I have to stay consistent in my prayer and closeness with God. It constantly gives me perspective, increases gratitude, and helps ease any worry/anxiety I may be experiencing. It is also a time to lift up other people and reflect on their needs.

8. Continuously Increase Your Vibration 

Take care of yourself! Do the things that make you happy and bring peace to your personal life. This is completely different for everyone! You will be your best version when you feel full!

9. Think Of Others

You will continuously gain perspective when you think of others. Give to give, love to love.

10. It Is A Choice

At the end of the day, you choose how you want to live. None of us can choose what life throws our way. The only thing we can decide is HOW we respond and deal with it. Life is way more enjoyable when we choose to approach it with a good attitude!

Hope you have a JOY filled day!




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