Leaving Your Baby For The First Time

I recently had a girls weekend that was so needed and so much fun! I love seeing my girlfriends and cherish the times that we have together, especially as we get older. This trip was the first time I left our younger son (5 months) overnight and I couldn’t help but think about how different this experience was than with our older son. I had a lot of post partum anxiety the first time, which didn’t help specific situations, however I think there are things you can control and do to help with those “first time” experiences.

I thought I would share some things that helped me the first time I ever left our baby and to reassure any first time Mommas that leaving that very first time is hard. Someone once told me “it doesn’t get easier, you just become more comfortable with it”. I feel like that is so true now that I have a second and am just more comfortable overall in motherhood. I would love to know any of your tips!

  • Pray. The best way to ease your heart, mind, and spirit leading up to something new
  • Have someone who knows the daily routine/ins and outs watch the very first time. For me, that is my husband
  • Prep what you can and make it easy on whoever is watching them. Since I exclusively breastfeed I have to make sure my husband has plenty of milk, can reference temperature guidelines, is comfortable with bottle warmer, knows how to wash/dry bottles, knows feeding schedule and sleep schedule, and just has what he needs. If someone else is watching, I always include emergency contact information, as well as pediatrician info, along with a schedule/general information.
  • Check In. It is okay to check in to ease your heart and mind. I think it is amazing that we have the ability to see our babies when we are not there, so take advantage when you can!
  • Open Communication. I think it is better to let the person know if you are anxious, struggling, or having a hard time so they can be reassuring and understanding of where you are coming from.

I also have more on friend weekends that you can check out here: Friend Weekends, Friend Weekends: Part 2!

As always, sending light and love.




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