10 Baby Items We Have Used Every Day

As we are getting closer to exiting the “baby” season and preparing for toddler life, I have been thinking about items that we use on a daily basis and have utilized since day one. I have shared different items we have used with each stage that you can look at here….9 Month Products, 6 Month Products, 4 Month Products, 12 Weeks Or Less Products

I thought I would share the items that we truly use day in and day out. Most have been used since birth and are my staple items since they are with me longer than a month or two period. I would love to know yours!


We used the crib immediately for day naps and as soon as our doctor recommended our boys moving out of our room for night. I have a waterproof protector on the mattress and keep around 4 fitted sheets that I rotate through with washes.


We opted for a pretty basic monitor for both boys, and haven’t had any issues. As long as I can see them and hear them, I am happy!

3.Car Seat + Stroller

We use an infant car seat that can pop in and out of my jogging stroller which makes it so easy and convenient to have the car seat in or allow our son to sit in regularly. I also like that it has a basket at the bottom if I have any quick errands to run.

4.Diapers + Wipes

Our favorites are Pampers swaddlers and Water Wipes!

5.Bath Items

We only used a baby bathtub for first 6 months. We do use soap, wash cloths and towels daily and now we have tons of toys!

7.Feeding Items

This depends how you choose to feed your baby. Since I am exclusively breast feeding I do have all of my pumping, milk storage and bottles for when I am not with the boys.

8.Sleep Sacks

We have used a sleep sack since the hospital and absolutely love them.


Our younger son absolutely loves the carrier I have for him. I used the newborn insert when he was tiny and still utilize it to have my hands free.

10.Changing Pad

We ended up using our older sons which has worked great with our younger. I love having something easy to clean and wipe down.

I can’t believe we will have a one year old soon!

As always, sending light and love.




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