Fourth Trimester Recap

Our littlest love is officially twelve weeks and we have made it through the fourth trimester. I feel like the twelve weeks after birth isn’t talked about enough. It is filled with so much change, healing, emotions, and learning for both mom and baby. I thought I would share a little more about my experience this time around as well as my overall thoughts. I would love to know any of your lessons or take always during this time!

My recovery was so much better the second time around, including my emotions and hormones. You can read more about that here. Knowing what to expect, having perspective, and gaining the confidence needed makes such a difference when it comes to adjusting. I definitely took advantage of the first 6 weeks before I got cleared to do anything. Our days were laid back and I wasn’t set on figuring out any routine, which was so nice! You are truly learning and figuring out your baby which takes some time. Your body is also healing during this time as well as changing with milk production and post partum hormones. There is a lot happening at one time!

Once I was cleared I started incorporating exercise. I have tried to move 5-6 times a week with strength training, runs, and walks. It can be a challenge at times with bladder control, but that is part of it! You can read more about post partum check ups here and exercise here. Our son started also sleeping longer stretches around 6 weeks which was so nice. After month two we started getting into more of a “routine” with eating, wake window, and sleep. I also started pumping around that time and continue to pump in the mornings. You can read more on that here.

Although I am feeling more comfortable with our new norm and routine as a family of four, things continuously change within the first year of having a little one!

As always, sending light and love.




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