Yearly Lessons 2021

I recently had a girls weekend and it once again reminded me how important spending time with loved ones is. I am so grateful to have that time together and always look forward to it.

Each year I like to reflect on some things that stood out to me or that I learned. I thought I would share 21 take aways for 2021. I would love to know anything you have learned or reflected on this past year!

1.Make time for people you love


3.Prioritize keeping your cup full

4.Turn off the news

5.Embrace different seasons

6.Celebrate milestones, people, or moments

7.Agree to disagree…there is so much value in understanding different opinions and prespectives

8.Listen more than you speak

9.Take time to make decisions or form opinions – waiting is okay

10.Make decisions that are best for you or your family

11.Choose to surround yourself with people and things that have a positive impact. Let go of those that don’t.

12.Take time to reflect

13.Goal set

14.Invest and diversify finances

15.Give to others as often as you can

16.Release instant gratification mindset and keep bigger picture in mind

17.Focus on conistency…it is still the secret sauce

18.Routines are powerful

19.Move your body and fuel your mind

20.Get sunshine and fresh air

21.Family is everything

As always, sending light and love!




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