Recovery: Baby 2

I recently shared our son’s birth story that you can check out here: Birth Story: Induction 2. I thought I would share a little about my recovery experience the second time around since it has been completely different for me ( Recovery: First Birth). I went into labor expecting to have the same or a similar experience in healing as I did with my first delivery. To be honest, that was the one part I was not looking forward to, and I feel is not discussed nearly enough. I remember being completely shocked after giving birth to our older son and wondering why no one prepared me for the “after” stage. There is so much going on physically, emotionally, and mentally at the same time which can be extremely overwhelming.

With our second I did not have to get any stitches like I did with our first, so I never needed ice packs or pain meds like I expected (game changer). I was able to walk on my own an hour or so after birth and felt pretty good when getting to the recovery room. I did have to be monitored two times using the restroom by our nurse before I could go on my own and to make sure everything was okay after having the catheter in. I used the “heavy duty” hospital supplies for the first night (they provide everything) and then was shockingly able to use my own things. The most uncomfortable part for me this time around were the cramps from the bag of Pitocin in recovery.

My anxiety and emotions have also been completely different. I feel WAY more stable (can’t say that about the first), confident, and happy. I have been able to sleep when our son sleeps (minus the first night) without my brain thinking of a million different things, which is a huge contrast from our first. Since this is my second time going through this, I feel like I really have the perspective I need to make it through the harder moments and appreciate this season. My husband has also been extremely helpful with our toddler and anything I need which makes it less stressful transitioning.

Overall, recovery has been wonderful. I am so thankful for a great and different experience because I was nervous when comparing it to my last. I feel like nothing can prepare you for the first time, it is just simply one of those things you have to experience for yourself and learn from which is HARD.

As always, sending light and love!




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