End Of Year Checklist : Top 5

I can not believe we are wrapping up the year in a month. I told my husband this year has flown by with my pregnancy and the birth of our second son. I truly feel like I blinked and it passed. Since we are entering December I have started thinking about the new year and what I typically like to do before the start of it. I thought I would share the five things I do at the end of each year to prepare for the next. I would love to know anything you do!

1.House Clean Out

If you know me personally, you know I love a good declutter and clean out. I typically like to go through our house 1-4 times a year depending on what I feel like we need. This is the perfect opportunity to go through everything before Christmas. I will go through one room at a time, and also have my husband go through his things. It feels so good starting the year with that done! You can check out more on decluttering here: Top 3 Tips To Decluttering Your Space & Family Systems And Organizations.

2.Financial Recap & Organization

I keep track of our monthly spending, however I think it is a great thing to look at your end of year finances to see where you are and make goals for the upcoming year. If you are wanting to track, setting everything up prior to the start of the year is so beneficial and gives you a head start. I also like to schedule an appointment with our financial advisor to discuss yearly goals! You can check out more on finances here: Monthly Finance Tracking& Budgeting Categories.

3.Vision Board

I like to make a vision board each year to keep as my computer background. It is a constant reminder of goals I am striving to achieve. It is also fun to see what you accomplished at the end of the year! You can see how I create those here: Vision Boards.

4.Goal Setting

I also like to make a list of personal goals along with my vision board. Once again it is something I can strive to achieve and keeps me working towards something. You can see how I like to create those here: Goal Setting- Top 5 Tips

5.Memories With Family

I like to do a family advent calendar for the month of December to create fun and special memories with the boys. I also make sure all our shopping is completely done so I am not focused on any of that or stressed about it. You can check out how I structure our advent calendar below! I will be sharing this year’s activities on my channel!

As always, sending light and love!




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