Planning & Prepping Family Meals

As we are finishing a week and preparing for another, I am naturally planning out our meals and making a grocery list. I personally plan dinners for each night and have our “go to” options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks that have become household staples. I thought I would share my process and some things that make it easier for me when planning. I would love to know anything that works for you or your family!

1.Assess Current Items

Before I plan, I always take a quick assessment of foods we already have in the pantry, fridge and freezer. We do not like being wasteful with food so if there is anything that I can use up, I plan around that first. For example, my husband cut and froze his own steaks a few months ago so we are planning on using a batch of those this week.

2.Assess Schedule

When I plan I always see what we have going on that week. If I know I am going to be by myself until late evening, I choose something easy for me and the boys. If it is a busy week in general I choose something that can be eaten multiple days. I also am flexible with the actual days I make a meal in case something comes up.

3.Double Dip

I try and be as strategic as I can when using ingredients across multiple meals for the week so once again we aren’t wasting anything. It also helps our grocery bill which is always an added bonus.

4.File Favorite Meals

I created a family cook book of our favorite meals or standard go tos. As we have tried new recipes and discovered more favorites, I have kept a list on my phone to reference back to. Having a place to keep your favorite meals to reference is beyond helpful. It does not have to be anything fancy, but will help with planning out each week.

5.Try Something New

We have made it a goal this year to try a new recipe each week. I feel like it keeps us out of food ruts and allows us to discover potential favorites. I also think it is good for our boys to constantly be trying different meals.

You can check out the recipe menu for more food related posts. As always, sending light and love.




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