22 Habits In 2022

My last book of 2021 was Atomic Habits, which I really enjoyed and recommend. It inspired me to think of my own daily habits and assess where I currently am. I feel like I have established many positive habits, however there are always areas I am trying to improve upon and grow in. I thought I would share some habits I am focusing on this year.

I also shared some of my yearly goals which you can check out here: New Year, Same Goals. I would love to know any of your focus areas or things you are prioritizing!

22 Habits In 2022

  1. Drink Water (half body weight in ounces)
  2. Read Bible
  3. Journal
  4. Morning Routine
  5. Make Bed
  6. Designated Prayer Time
  7. Designated Phone Time
  8. Nightly Reading
  9. Evening Routine
  10. Sleep Schedule/Structure
  11. Daily Movement
  12. Family Walks
  13. Outside Every Day
  14. Body Positivity
  15. Self Care Actions
  16. Ditch Late Night Snacking
  17. Cleaning Schedule
  18. Minimalism
  19. Financial Tracking
  20. Invest/Save
  21. Active Listening (not having to respond)
  22. Focus on consistency not perfection

As always, sending light and love.




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