10 Gifts For The Homebody

I recently shared some gift ideas for the golf lover that you can check out here. I thought I would share some more gift ideas for those who like to stay in or enjoy nights at home. I also have a gift play list that you can check out here for more last minute ideas!

1. Blanket

I personally love a nice, cozy blanket for nights at home. There are some really great options with various price points. I have a few barefoot dreams ones on my list that I have my eye on!

2. Pajamas Or Lounge Wear

I personally love having pajama sets, but also enjoy a good lounge set. Once again there are so many options, brands and price points! Target is always my go to!

3. Candle

If the person you are gifting to loves scents, a nice candle may be a good option! This is also a nice host gift to give since you can get smaller sizes!

4. Slippers

I love a good house shoe and tend to replace ours each year. My husband also uses his house shoes regularly. They are definitely nice to have around and a good gift for many different people!

5. Game

Our family loves playing games. It is nice to be able to do something fun together and include our toddler. Depending on the person, you could gift an adult game or family!

6. Puzzle or Book

My husband and I love a good puzzle, however if the person you are gifting to isn’t into them you could do a new book!

7. Skin Care

If you know what skin care products the person you are gifting to likes, I like they are a great gift to give. I personally love skin care but don’t like spending the money on it so appreciate when I receive it!

8. Recipe Book

If the person you are thinking of enjoys cooking at home, gifting a recipe book or even your personal favorites could be a great option! Our family loves trying new things and is always looking for recipes to add to our rotation.

9. Coffee/Tea Subscription

If the person you are gifting to enjoys a morning beverage, gifting a sampler service could be a fun way for them to try something new! We love using Bean Box for coffee and tea!

10. Professional Cleaning

If you know someone who enjoys a clean home, gifting a deep clean service could be a unique and appreciated gift!

As always, sending light and love.




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