Family Goals 2021: Part 1

This year my family is really focusing on specific goals and trying to follow through consistently each month. Goal setting can be extremely exciting and fun, but also exhausting once life takes over. Usually, starting something isn’t too bad, however maintaining and staying consistent with things can be a challenge. You can check out more on goal setting here: Top 5 Tips

Today I wanted to share some family goals we have set for the year and areas we are choosing to focus on. The first five are more finance based and the second are more lifestyle. I would love to know anything you or your family are currently working on!

Goal One: Reduce Grocery Costs

I mentioned at the beginning of the year, this is something we are really trying to be more mindful of. You can check out those two posts here: Part One & Part Two

Goal Two: Use What We Have

If you are like us, you may have gotten into a pandemic mentality where you think you still need an excess of items just in case. Don’t get me wrong, having an emergency stash is great, however we are now to a point where we need to use up items we have before any repurchases. This covers multiple areas including food, makeup, clothing, baby items, etc. We are really trying to be mindful of what we have and practical with our purchases.

Goal Three: Limit Subscriptions

I mentioned this in my cutting costs post which you can check out here. I feel like we are in a time where there is a subscription for literally everything. I am all about a good subscription service, but wow they can add up so fast and end up being a huge chunk of your monthly bills. We have gone through all of our subscriptions and really thought about what we need/use!

Goal Four: Increase Stock

We have been investing since we got married, however we want to dive more into stock and riskier options. This is newer territory for us, so will be a learning process but definitely something we want to do!

Goal Five: Complete Projects On Our Own

We moved a little over a year ago (right before COVID) to a new city and home. There are quite a few projects we have been wanting to get done and have received outrageous quotes from multiple companies. My husband is extremely handy in those areas so we decided to complete what we can on our own over this next year, and then reassess the projects we need to hire help in. Although it is time consuming, it is definitely worth it and creates fun memories as a family! We are currently working on our landscaping which has been quite the task!

Also having family members help can be another great option. For example, my mom enjoys painting and has offered multiple times to touch up all our baseboards, trim, etc. If you have anyone who is skilled or is offering to help, take advantage!

Stay tuned for more lifestyle goals next! I would love to know what you are working towards!

As always, sending light and love!




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