Pumping & Traveling

I recently enjoyed a girls day on the lake and was thinking about everything you have to plan for when leaving your baby while nursing. Although I love breastfeeding and feel extremely blessed to have had great experiences with both boys, it does add another layer of planning and preparation. Since it is national breastfeeding week, I thought I would share some things I have learned while pumping on the go with both our boys. As always, fed is best in any situation!

1.Plan Out Pumping Times

Having an understanding of the agenda for the day/days you will be pumping helps determine when would be the best times to pump. For example, when I was teaching I would pump during my lunch because I could be alone in my room and not have to be rushed for recess directly after. When I would attend district events I would ask for the schedule so I could plan when the best time to pump was. This past Saturday I pumped right before I drove 4 hours, when I got to the lake, and right before I drove home to eliminate having to do anything in the car. Creating a plan in advance instead of just winging it is so helpful!

2.Have a Pumping Bag

Having a designated bag with everything you need is so helpful along with any cleaning supplies. I like to also pack large zip lock bags to differentiate clean/dirty parts. Having extra parts/pieces that you can keep in the bag is also helpful if you are pumping daily.

3.Have A Storage Game Plan

Knowing how you are going to store your milk when you travel or work eliminates another stress and prevents potentially wasting any milk. When I worked I would store my milk in a mini fridge (inside a cooler) that was in our conference room, however it really just depends on the situation. Also keep in mind the recommendations shown below!

What are some things that were helpful for you? I would love to know!

As always, sending light and love!




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