Top Hospital Bag Items: Baby 2 List

As we are getting closer to meeting our little man, I am starting to think about things we need to do or get done before he arrives. I have started to make a list and think about things my husband and I need to pack for the hospital the second time around so I don’t forget what we actually ended up using and will want. I will say, most hospitals will provide everything you need which is so helpful and nice! I am not sure if our restrictions will be lifted with COVID regarding my husband leaving the hospital for food, home, etc. If they are not, I may pack a couple of extra things, but nothing too elaborate. I like to keep things as simple as possible! I stayed in the hospital for three nights with my first pregnancy (scheduled induction) so am planning for around the same.

Mom Items

1.Comfortable Clothing

I wore PJ’s the entire time and a casual going home outfit so I plan to do the same this time. I also was hot the during our hospital stay so I learned I preferred cooler clothing where I could use a blanket if needed. I will probably bring 2 pairs of PJS, a nursing bra, a robe, and a comfortable going home outfit.

Nursing PJs. Nursing Bra, Robe, PJS


I am only bringing one pair of shoes this time around that can be worn to and from the hospital, as well as in the shower. The less items the better in my opinion!


3.Post Partum Care

The hospital will provide most items needed for this, however I plan to bring a couple of my own ice packs, pads, and undergarments (ones I can throw away) in case I prefer to be a little more comfortable. I used the hospital items the whole time with my first and there were no problems!

Ice Packs, Pads


I packed a small bag of travel toiletries which I did use for my shower and to feel refreshed. It is nice to have your own items of things that you like, but you truly do not need a lot! One must have item though is chap stick! It is wild how dry your lips get!

Husband & Mom Items

5.Blanket & Pillow

We loved having our own blankets and pillows with our son since we were there 3 nights. I used different pillow cases and washed everything when we got home, but it made us feel so much more comfortable and cozy!

6. Charger

I recommend getting a charger with a long cord so you can talk to people from the hospital bed!

Long Charger

7. Snack Bag

This was our number one item we packed. I was unable to eat for over 24 hours and nursed every 2 so having or own snack and food options was amazing once I could eat. I think we ate everything we brought the first time! Also make sure your husband brings a large water bottle. The hospital generally gives the mom one, but the dad will also want something to refill and use!

8.Nurse Goodies

This is not a must have for many, but for us it is something we like to do for our nurses. We did individual goodies our first time, but may do 2 larger baskets for the day and night shift nurses to go through and choose what they want this time. Even something small goes a long way in showing your appreciation with all that they do!

Baby Items

9. Clothing

I will bring a couple of sleepers, onesies and a going home outfit probably in 0-3 months unless I am induced early because of his size… which as been discussed.

10.Sleep Sacks

We LOVE the swaddle sleep sacks so will bring 2 of those. We are not the biggest fans of blanket swaddles so this is so much more practical for us and WAY easier on both!

Sleep Sack Swaddle

What are some of your must have hospital items? I would love to know!

As always, sending light and love!



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