3 Things We Do In Our Marriage: Part 2

Last year I shared three things we do in our marriage that are small, but make an big impact. You can check out that post here: 3 Things We Do In Our Marriage. We recently celebrated our five year anniversary in a much different way than planned or anticipated. However, it was perfect for this season and we are excited to reschedule our plans when the time is right.

This year has been such an interesting year with moving to a new city, my husband starting a new job, and of course the pandemic. It has been a time of growth, reflection, and perspective. I thought I would share three more things that impact our marriage and make a difference. I would love to know anything that has worked well for you!


1.Activity/Hobby Together

This can be anything from watching a show, playing a game, working on a puzzle, gardening, going to the gym, etc. I think it is important to find something that you can do together and look forward to on a regular basis (aside from date nights). We are currently watching Lost once our son goes to bed and it is something we enjoy each night!


If you know me, you know I am all about anything that can make something easier. I think establishing routines or systems with your spouse can be extremely beneficial. It can be anything from sharing household chores to alternating watching the kids. An example for us is that one of us cooks dinner while the other person cleans up after (alternate based on who cooks). It does not have to be anything elaborate!

3.Individual Interests 

I think it is important to have your own “thing” in a relationship and to support one another with whatever that may be. It could be anything from a hobby to a friends weekend/trip to a pampering day. Giving each other the time and space needed is so valuable!


I would love to know your thoughts!





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