Baby/Kid Items My Parents Keep At Their House

I have recently shared some posts on traveling and what works for our family. You can check that out here: Top 3 Tips When Traveling With Littles By Car, Toddler Activity Bag Favorites For Road Trips, Baby Bag Activity Favorites For Road Trips. I also shared stories on planning and packing. Since we have traveled this month, I
started thinking about what kid items are nice to already have at the destination to eliminate some packing items and make things easier.

I thought I would share things that my parents keep at their house for the grandkids. It is so helpful to not have to pack certain things and to already have it ready when you get there! I am so thankful they invested in some items to make it easier on us!

1.Crib/Pack N Play

My parents have both at their house which is so nice to not have to worry about a bed option! As of now their three grandkids are spread out at different stages so we can have one in the crib, one in the the pack n play, and one in a regular bed when we are all together.

2.High Chair

My parents bought a high chair to keep there to have a seat option for the kiddos. It is nice to not have to pack a bumbo or something else for them to sit in while eating. They also have a kids chair for our older son that we used at my Grandmother’s house.


My mom has all of our childhood books that our older son loves to read and look through! She has also accumulated toys and taken out our old ones so the kids have activities when we visit such as legos, little people, etc. She also surprises them with a new toy with each visit like my Grandma used to do!


They keep little items such as baby soap, kid sunscreen, swim diapers, diapers, etc in the bathrooms and rooms which is so helpful and nice!


My mom is so thoughtful and gets a list of current snacks or favorites that our toddler loves. She makes she she has the pantry and fridge stocked so I don’t have to worry about bringing that, and he has foods that are familiar to him! He also has his own plate/utensils there as well!

What are some things your parents keep at their house? I would love to know!

As always, sending light and love.




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