10 Daily Health Habits: Toddler Edition

I recently shared daily health habits I implement that you can read here:10 Daily Health Habits. I began thinking of my son and the healthy habits he is practicing and learning at two years old. He definitely is at the stage where he absorbs (and imitates) everything, so my husband and I try our best to stay intentional with our words and actions around him. I thought it would be fun to share what he practices or does on a day to day basis.

I would love to know anything your family or children implement!

IMG_5780 (2)

1.Special Morning/Evening Routine

I think these times of the day are so important because they are the book ends to everything that happens in-between. It is a time of snuggles, no distractions, and connection with our son and provides that safety net to the day. You can check out more on why I value routines here: Why I Value Routines

2.Dinner At The Table

Connecting with family around the table is one of the greatest gifts. It is a place where every member is present and conversations can be held. We are big believers in sitting at the table and have done it with him ever since he began eating foods.


There is nothing sweeter than listening to your child pray.


I started affirmations with my son right when he turned two that we go over every night. I think it is so beneficial for him to be speaking positive, uplifting words day in and day out.

Toddler/Child Affirmations


We try to play outside as much as possible. Nothing is better than sunshine and fresh air!

6.Limited Screens

Although I think screen time can be beneficial and necessary on “hot mess” days, we really try and stay intentional with limiting the amount he is allowed to have. He knows when he is allowed an episode or movie and is completely okay with not having it!


As an educator I am a huge believer and advocate for reading and early literacy. You can check out more info here: 5 Ways To Promote Early Literacy

8.Free Play

Our son loves to play with his toys and could spend hours imagining and creating. We encourage any and all play time!

9.Variety In Foods

We try to be as healthy as possible with our foods and meals as a family and strive to  continuously introduce different things while providing a balance.

10. Boundaries

I think it is important our son knows and learns his boundaries as he grows and develops. I am a big believer on following through with my word, giving choices, redirection/guidance, and acknowledgement. This can look different for each child and each family!




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