Weight Loss: Changes & Tips

This past year my husband has amazed me with his determination to live a healthier life. At our wellness checks last summer his doctor was concerned with his weight and gave him the standard information on diet and exercise. My husband decided he was going to begin eating healthy and working out at the start of the year. What he quickly realized was that trying to make too many changes at once was completely overwhelming and set him up to feel like he was “failing”. He then decided that he was only going to focus on nutrition and once he felt comfortable with that he would slowly incorporate exercise.

Over the past 6 months he has lost 30 pounds from nutrition alone. He has yet to implement an exercise routine and has already seen incredible results. Most importantly he feels GOOD and has realized the power of food. I wanted to share the small changes he has made that have created big results, as well as his top tips he has learned along the way…

Changes Made:
1. Taking a daily lunch (salads) instead of picking something up
2. Eating more vegetables
3. Eating smaller portions
4. Balancing out heavier meals with a smaller portion and a veggie
5. Drinking water (80+ oz a day)
6. Choosing healthier options at restaurants
7. Eating 3 meals and 3 snacks
8. Mindset of health instead of physical appearance
9. No restrictions
10. Consistency

Top Tips: 
1. Plan your weeks! Check out my post to see how we plan in our family (Meal Planning Tips).
2. Eat what you want, but portion things out so you don’t go overboard.
3. Have your dessert! We both eat a sweet treat every night that is already planned!
4. Close the kitchen at night.
5. Acknowledge that it takes time and once your body realizes what you are doing it will respond.
6. Don’t purchase what you don’t want to eat or be tempted with ( if you don’t have it you can’t eat it).
7. Have something large for water you only have to refill once or twice for the entire day. We love our Hydro Flask!
8. Remember a bad day won’t hurt you!
9. Acknowledge it is a mental shift of how you eat and not what you eat. It becomes your lifestyle and after awhile your new normal.
10. Have positive influences around and support.

I think it is easy to get sucked into the idea that we need all of these external things to create health or see results. Of course, we can supplement or aid our health with certain products, however we are already given exactly what we need to allow our bodies to thrive! It really is about the basics & consistency! 

I am so proud of my husband and hope this inspires or encourages you! Here is pre and post Dad life!

Additional Resource: Balanced Eating


Mason 1

Mason 2



3 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Changes & Tips

  1. Way to go, Mason. Looking good. I noticed in your Keys posts. Of course you live with Jaclyn who is so health conscious. Good for you. It takes discipline and encouragement. May Jaclyn come live with me for six months?🤣🤠😎

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