Baby Products We Used For 12 Weeks Or Less

As our son is approaching three months, I thought I would share products we have already outgrown. You can check out products we used for the first two weeks here and the first six weeks here. I feel like you barely get to use anything the first year, aside from things like the car seat, crib, etc. It is funny when I look back and realize we only use certain products for 1-2 months total. I thought I would share the products we have outgrown as well as my thoughts on them!

1.Diapers (Newborn, Size 1, Size 2)

Our son was born at 8 pounds, 1 ounce and has grown like a weed since then. He was 14.5 pounds at his 2 month appointment and has already flown through diaper sizes. I always recommend people asking for multiple sizes because you can always exchange them in store. Our favorite diapers are the Pampers Swaddlers!

2.Sleep Sack Swaddles

Both of our boys were not the biggest fans of being swaddled. They preferred their arms out, so swaddles did not last long in our house. I think both transitioned to a regular sleep sack around one month. I really like the Halo newborn swaddle sleep sacks!


We tried using the Mamaroo with both boys and they were not the biggest fans. They liked it for a couple weeks and then were over it for some reason. I do think it is a great option if your baby likes it!


We have loved having loungers, however since our son has grown so fast they haven’t lasted long. We used the Boppy when he was a newborn and are currently using this. We have enjoyed both!


We have officially moved our son to his crib due to his size and being too large in the bassinet. I am so thankful we have a bed in his room I can sleep in this next month! We really enjoyed the Halo one, but I know there are so many great options.

We have also flown through clothes are are currently on 6-9 months. Hopefully this have some perspective on items and how fast you can go through them with a baby!

As always, sending light and love!




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