3 Ways To Maintain Balance

I was listening to something the other day about “balance” and started thinking about ways to maintain balance. I know this is a busy season for most people and can quickly become overwhelming. I thought I would share three reminders that I always try to keep in mind. I would love to know anything that is helpful for you!

1.Embrace The Season

I have learned that each season presents different priorities or things we have to “balance” while we transition and find our footing. It is okay to be in transition periods where you are figuring things out. It is okay to place priority on new responsibilities while others take a back seat. Our life is full of different seasons where we have to learn to adapt and place priority on new things. Keeping the big picture in mind is so helpful during those times.

2.Priorites Continuously Change

I have heard multiple times the analogy about “glass balls” and “plastic balls” with maintaining balance. Basically, we are constantly juggling balls with home, work, kids, relationships, health, etc. Certain balls or priorities are glass, while others are plastic. If we drop our glass balls they break, however our plastic ones will be okay. Knowing which obligations are your glass balls will help you not stress as much over the plastic ones. These are constantly changing depending on what you are experiencing and your personal situation.

3.Have Boundaries

I think having boundaries is so important with many aspects of life. When I was teaching in the classroom, I never took anything home. I would complete what I needed to at school so I could be present in our home and not be focusing on work. Having healthy boundaries can prevent some of the overwhelm and exhaustion many of us experience.

As always, sending light and love!




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