Find Your Fit: FIT4MOM

I have started a series reviewing different fitness programs, facilities and trends. You can check out two of my reviews here: Fit Your Fit: Orange TheoryFit Your Fit: Beach Body. Today I wanted to give a little more info and my thoughts on FIT4MOM which is a nationwide program/franchise focusing on fitness and motherhood. There are multiple locations and classes that are offered across the United States which is great for creating connections and building relationships in new cities. They also provide opportunities outside of fitness to connect to other moms through play dates, moms night out, and more. Classes and price are determined by area/city and can be found on the local site. I was interested in trying it out since we recently moved and it was something I didn’t need childcare for.

Have you tried any of the classes? I would love to know your thoughts!



Classes are geared to mothers or expectant mothers. Some classes are stroller/baby friendly while others are not. Each class is around 60 minutes and has a specific style or focus. All classes and descriptions can be found online (Fit4Mom) with the more specifics on the city website including any equipment needed, time, date and location.


  • Community of moms
  • Bring your child or children
  • Different classes to choose from
  • Different membership plans/options
  • Opportunities to connect outside of fitness classes
  • Multiple locations across country
  • Online portal for payment, scheduling, etc.


  • Prep of bringing everything for you and kids
  • Kids will be kids (may not be having it some days)
  • Certain times offered (not around the clock like a gym)
  • Price variations per area/registration fee (one time payment)


Like mentioned before, cost will differ depending on location and membership plan. In my area the different membership plans include 3 month unlimited, monthly unlimited, twice a week, once a week, and 10 class pass. The 10 pass class for my location is $100 so that would be $10 per class which I think is very reasonable compared to other studio rates. All information on price can be found on the local page. I believer individual classes are around $15 without a membership/plan.


My son and I enjoyed going and have already become members to attend weekly. I think it is a great program for moms to get connected and can offer variety in your fitness routine. I would love to know if you attend anything like this with your children!




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