Find Your Fit Series: Beachbody

With the new year upon us, I know many of us are starting health and wellness resolutions or goals. I have been passionate about health/fitness since I was a sophomore in college. You can read more of my story/background here: About. I thought it would be fun to create a series where I review different programs or fitness trends and give my overall thoughts and considerations. I would love to know what you are currently interested in within fitness so I can add it to my list!

I wanted to start with giving my thoughts on beachbody since I am extremely familiar with it. I will break down each trend with a general overview, pros, cons, and cost.



Beachbody offers at home workout programs that you can purchase individually or through on demand (access to all programs through site or app). Programs are very diverse in style and length. Some require equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders, while others are primarily body weight. An overview and description is given for each program along with a calendar to follow. All beachbody customers create an account to purchase products or programs. Your account will be directly linked to a coach (given specific link by someone or automatically assigned).


  • Convenient
  • Diversity and options
  • Easy access
  • New programs continuously being released
  • Can download workouts for travel (no WiFi needed)


  • Purchasing any equipment needed or wanted
  • Lack of group/gym setting
  • Limited with any loved “gym items”
  • Technology can be unreliable at times (streaming)
  • Purchase each new release if you want early access


Individual programs differ in cost (can bundle additional items). Beachbody on demand (streaming) is $99 annually.


I have loved having on demand throughout my pregnancy and becoming a mom. It has been the most convenient way for my to continue an exercise routine and helps me personally eliminate excuses. Although I do enjoy the programs and ease of access, I do miss going to a gym or experiencing a group atmosphere. I am excited to try new things this year and challenge myself in different ways!





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