5 Daily Healthy Habits

This year has probably been my biggest year of mental growth. Becoming a mom completely changed my mindset on many things, and I am truly thankful for that. At the beginning of the year I wrote down my goals on the first page of a new journal, and for the first time they were actually meaningful. I now look at those goals every morning while I journal and I wanted to share some new habits that I wish I would have started sooner. They all stem from a goal I wrote, and encompass different aspects of wellness.

Habit #1: Gratitude 

This has been the biggest game changer. It starts off my morning completely focusing on the POSITIVE and really appreciating how blessed I am. I first write down a list, then go through and say out loud “thank you for…”. I used to do this privately, however I thought it would be powerful to model it in front of my son. Every morning during his breakfast, I sit next to him and “talk” to him about gratitude. I then go through and verbally say each one so he can hear me speak it out loud. It really is the BEST way to start the day and gets your mind immediately in a healthy state.

Habit #2: Affirmations

This is something that is extremely new to me, but I am learning as I go. Our mind is so powerful, and I have learned how much we truly can control our perception and reality. To start, I chose 3 affirmations to speak to myself each day. Instead of just saying the words I really make an effort to feel what those words mean. This again starts my day at such a high frequency and positive head space!

Habit #3: Water First

I don’t know about you but I LOVE coffee. It used to be the first thing I grabbed each morning and I drank it while I got ready for work. I have been making a huge effort to drink water only while getting ready and then move to coffee. I can’t even explain how energized it makes me feel. I feel like I am giving my body what it wants and being kind to it first thing in the morning.

Habit #4: Reading Before Bed

I am not going to lie I used to be horrible about screen time before bed. I realized I was just wasting so much time and not really winding down. I decided to set a time where I turned off the screen and opened a book and I have slept SO much better. I also forgot how relaxing reading was, and how there are so many good books out there to dive into! On the nights I am not “feeling it” I will tell myself one chapter, but then end up wanting to continue. I also learned that having two different styles of books helps a lot.

Habit #5: Personal Development 

I have been listening to personal development podcasts, training’s, etc each day to fuel my mind  with something substantial. I like to listen to them when I am getting ready, meal prepping, doing house chores, or even working out. Once again, I think it keeps me in a good mental space and helps me to be the best version I can be, especially since I am the daily role model for my son. I like to stay connected in Mom Mastery University, but there are so many platforms, podcasts, and series out there!

Mom Mastery: Free Course

What are some daily habits you have implemented or make a priority to do? I would love to know!




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