Relationship Lessons

I recently listened to a podcast discussing relationships, specifically marriage. It encouraged me to reflect on lessons I have learned in my marriage and relationship with my husband. We have been together 8 years and will be celebrating our 5th year of marriage this summer. Although we still have much more learning and growing, I thought I would share some different lessons I have learned along the way (aside from communication, compromise, trust, respect etc..)

I would love to know your marriage or relationship tips!


1.Know Yourself First

I think this is so important to any relationship. Know your value, find happiness within yourself, and be authentically you. Your significant other should enhance the life you are already living, not create it.

2.Give To Give, Love To Love

Give without the expectation of something in return, and show love to just show love. It will go a long way!

3.Encourage Interests, Hobbies, Passions

Be a cheerleader for your partner and value/respect what they are interested in.

4.Approach & Decide As A Team/Unit 

Honor your significant other’s opinion or input before making any big decisions. Work through things as a team and continue to work to be on the same page.

5.Be Open To Growth Individually & Collectively 

This is so important with each season and change of life. Continue to not only grow and evolve individually, but collectively .Strive to better yourself and the life you create with your spouse/significant other.




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