A Close to “Zero” Home

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year! It is hard to believe we are already a month in. We had a wonderful break and have been full speed since getting back into our routine.

I had my first MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) meeting of the semester and our speaker talked to us about peaceful homes and what that can mean or look like. She talked about something that really resonated with me and validated my own mindset when it comes to our home and belongings.

She proposed the concept of a close to “zero” home and how that can help maintain peace and allow you to focus on your true priorities/values. Essentially, your home could be at “zero” or a base level of tidy/organized in 10ish minutes at any given time. This means things in your home have their own “home” and there are systems in place to continuously maintain. As a mom we are constantly doing a million different things, so having your home close to zero gives you the space to place your focus where you truly want it to be.

I loved the close to “zero” phrase because it gave me an easy way to explain how I naturally like to keep our home. I thought I would share what has worked for me to able to maintain this concept!

1.Go Through Every Space

This can be over an extended time, however actually taking the time to go through each space in your home will allow you to decide what you want to keep, trash or donate. I like to go through our entire home 1-2 times a year because things can quickly accumulate!

I shared on a similar concept here: Maintaining A Tidy Home + 3 Tips To Declutter Your Space

2.Everything Has A Home

I feel like this is the most important aspect, because it takes out any decision making on where to put things. It also helps with kids because they can be responsible for their own things and take ownership in cleaning up.


Create systems that work for your unique family. What works great for one family may not be the best for yours. Try different things until you find easy routines to maintain!

Additional Ideas: Family Systems + Zone Cleaning (monthly)

As always, sending light and love.




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