Motherhood Lessons: Year 3

The past two years I have shared lessons I have learned throughout motherhood. You can check those out here: Motherhood Lessons: Year Two & Year One. Since we just celebrated our son’s third birthday, I thought I would share my thoughts from year three. I must say this past year was so much fun! We really didn’t experience the “terrible twos” by any means, but I definitely think we will have a “threenager” on our hands! I absolutely love watching our son come into his own and develop his personality. It is one of the neatest things to see as a parent.

I am so excited for a new year with new experiences and changes…especially watching him take on the big brother role!

Year Three Lessons

1.Things don’t necessarily get easier, the challenges are just different with each season/phase.

2.If you explain the “why” or reason behind something, your child will probably be more willing/responsive to what is being asked of them.

3.Structure and setting boundaries are even more important as they start to test their limits and see how far they can push them.

4.Being consistent and following through is HUGE.

5.Model, redirect, reinforce and practice. Nothing is immediately learned or established. Your child is constantly learning and applying new skills/behaviors.

6.Special moments can be found in the every day. You don’t need to have big plans/experiences to make lasting memories.

7.Become interested in what your child is interested in to connect over the things they enjoy and gravitate towards.

8.You set the tone and energy for your home each and every day.

9.Make changes when your child is ready. There is no “right” time to hit milestones or do certain things.

10.Be silly and have fun….time goes by WAY too fast!




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