5 Ways To Stay Consistent With Fitness

I was thinking about my fitness routine the other day and how it has been such a huge part of my life since college. I have definitely grown in my mindset around exercise through the different seasons and stages of adulthood and life, and continue to learn. I feel like I am always evolving and changing, which is a good thing! Today I wanted to share how I have been able to stay so consistent for 10+ years with exercise. I recently wrote a post about consistency and how that it is truly the secret sauce to most things. You can check it out here: The Secret Sauce.

How do you stay motivated or consistent with your exercise routine? I would love to know!

IMG_1620 (2)

1.Find Something You Enjoy

Working out does not have to be something you absolutely dread. There are SO many ways to move and use your body that can also be enjoyable. Try different things and see what you like or respond best to. Try yoga, take a dance class, cycle, go on a walk and call a friend, swim, hike, take studio classes. There isn’t a “right” way to workout or a one size fits all!

2.Follow A Program Or Schedule 

Having structure helps so much with keeping yourself accountable and staying consistent. This can look different for everyone. It could be an actual program followed, days you attend classes or go to a studio, or a routine you have written out for yourself. When there is no “plan” it is so easy to push it aside and not do anything at all. Plan and create success for yourself!

3.Same Time Of Day

Implementing a “time of day” for exercise will create habits that will lead to your daily routine. It will become part of your “norm” and just a regular part of your day. Find a time that works best for you. Not everyone is a morning person or wants to exercise first thing. Do what works for your life and daily schedule!

4.Create Personal Goals

Creating goals for yourself will continuously add motivation and something to work towards. Losing weight or looking a certain way does not have to always be a goal. It could be something like moving your body four times in a week or trying something new. Think of what you genuinely want/desire and go from there. Also make sure to be realistic with your goals! You can check out more with setting goals here: Goal Setting Tips.


Create a system where you can have some type of accountability. Once again this looks different for everyone. For me personally I write down the days and workouts I am doing for the week on my desk calendar. It is something I see every day and feels like a “meeting” or “appointment” I scheduled for myself that day. For others it can be classes with friends, workout buddy, or spouse. Think of a way you can stay accountable for your goals!

Hope you are finding ways to move your body!




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