Getting Out Of Funks

I recently had a few days where I just felt like I was in a funk for no particular reason. I had no motivation to exercise, take care of the house, or be productive in the ways I wanted to. The best way I can describe it is just feeling “blah”. I was talking to my husband about it and it made me think about how many of us experience those “off” days, weeks, months, or even seasons. I think it is totally OKAY to have those moments in life, and sometimes necessary to move forward OR slow down.

Today I wanted to share the ways I get myself out of any funk, and what has worked well for me. I would love to know any ways that help you!

1.Allow Yourself Time

I think it is so important to allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling. Give yourself the grace and the time to go through it, but also realize you will have to make the choice and actions to get out of it. Set a time frame for yourself if it is more than a day long and follow through with it.

2. Acknowledge 

Acknowledge what you are feeling and let your loved ones know. It is important my husband knows it is nothing on his end or anyone else. He is way more understanding when I communicate it clearly and is eager to help.

3.Create Small Wins

Create small wins for yourself that will jump start your motivation. It could be something as simple as making the bed. Allow yourself to feel successful and it will snowball into more.

5 Tips To Stay Motivated


It is amazing how good you feel after a workout. I have never regretted exercising, and it always boosts my mood and helps me to regain focus and clarity.

5.Go Outside

Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and go outside!

6.Tackle One Thing At A Time

After you have experienced small wins, start tackling one thing you want to get done at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with 1,000 “to-dos” in a day or a week. Keep things simple and realistic! Prioritize what is most important.

7.Do Something For You

Do something that excites or inspires you! It could be something as easy as getting a coffee at a local shop. Create joy within yourself by doing something that makes you happy.

8.STOP Making Excuses

Once you decide you are over being in the funk, don’t allow yourself to continue making excuses. You are in charge of YOU!


Hope some of these are helpful the next time you are feeling “off”!




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