3 Things We Do In Our Marriage

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary. We have had an amazing 4 years (7 together) filled with love, laughter, travel, memories, and change. Our relationship is far from perfect. It continues to evolve and shift as we grow, not only as individuals but as a collective unit. I know there is still so much to learn when it comes to marriage, and I am excited to gain the wisdom along the way.

I thought it would be fun to share 3 things we do that add value to our marriage and relationship. They are small actions that have made a big impact, aside from all of the things that create a solid foundation.

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1. Dinner At The Table 

We have done this since day one, and I am so thankful we created a valuable habit. We have quiet, uninterrupted time every night where we can connect and just enjoy each other as a family. Even if we order pizza, we still sit and eat together. There are so many distractions in today’s culture, it is easy to forget how important that time can be. There really is something to it!

2. Verbal Thank Yous 

My husband is SO good about always thanking me for everything including the day to day things like the laundry, dishes, etc. He has consistently shown me the power of words. We all want to feel appreciated and acknowledged for our efforts. It is easy to just expect or assume our partner will take care of a certain chore/task BUT taking the time to say thank you truly goes a long way! It takes 5 seconds to acknowledge and appreciate!

3. Ask What Is Needed 

The best thing after a long day is being asked what you need. Sometimes it may be a hot bath, alone time, or a nap. Checking in on the other person every day helps the communication stay strong and clear. We always do a check in with each other and try to help out any way we can. It once again is something that takes 5 seconds, but is so valuable.


I would love to know some things you and your partner do that are important in your marriage or relationship! As always, stay blessed!



5 thoughts on “3 Things We Do In Our Marriage

  1. Find the right time to communicate! Don’t let small issues develop into larger problems. We do this by keeping the lines of communication open. ♥️

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