Pre Pregnancy Weight

As our son approaches four months, I have hit a huge goal of getting back to my pre pregnancy weight. I am not one to define myself by the scale, but I personally feel that my body functions and “sits” the best around a certain weight or within a range where I feel the healthiest. With that being said, I know post partum looks different for every momma and our bodies are going to do different things with our hormone levels, amount of sleep, breastfeeding, etc. I have learned to set my intentions on my overall health and not just the physical components of it. Our bodies are incredibly amazing the way God designed them and I am grateful for all that it has provided for me, along with the different changes/seasons.

I thought I would share what I have been focused on and have made a priority the past 10 weeks (cleared at week 6). For reference, I gained around 30 pounds with both of my boys. I have also chosen to exclusively breastfeed again. I would love to know anything you focused on post partum and what worked well for you!


I will forever promote drinking ALOT of water. I feel such a difference on the days I don’t drink enough and truly have made it a daily priority. You can check out some tips to drinking enough here: 3 Tips To Drinking Water

2.Whole Foods

I have really made whole foods another priority since I am breast feeding and wanting to provide good nutrients to our little love, as well as feel good from the inside out. I focus on trying to get as many nutrients as I can, as opposed to following any type of diet/meal plan. I truly eat or snack all day long.


This is one of the hardest things to prioritize with a newborn because their sleep is all over the place and is such an adjustment/learning period. I was not the best about sleeping when I could with our older son, however this time around I have really taken advantage of those moments! I nap when both boys are napping, go to bed early, take advantage of help on the weekends, and try to rest as much as I can because I know my body needs it!


Once I got cleared around week 6, I made a personal goal to exercise 5-6 times a week. I am a huge advocate of moving in whatever way makes you happy. I personally enjoy running, walking, strength training, interval training, etc. I try to mix things up throughout the week to challenge my body in different ways. I typically only workout 30-40 minutes.

5.Mental Health

I feel like this is something that is talked about the least, but is the MOST important. If your mental health is not in a good place, I feel like everything else has a hard time aligning or working in your favor. Talk to the people you need to talk to, vocalize your feelings, take time for yourself, create routines for your well-being, and get the support you need. We are in this together!

As always, sending light and love.




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