How I Practice Gratitude

With the new year approaching and the season of thankfulness, I began thinking about how I actually practice gratitude. I think it is easy to say we are thankful for certain things, but a lot more difficult to practice the feeling and mindset of gratefulness. Don’t get me wrong, being aware of your blessings is amazing in itself. However, I personally believe gratitude is a muscle that has to be practiced and used just like anything else. Today I wanted to share some things that have helped me switch my mindset and create a daily appreciation and feeling of gratitude.

As always, I would love to know anything that you practice or do in your day to day life!


1.Wake Up Distraction Free & Think About Present Situation

It can be so difficult to start your day in the right mindset, but can alter and transform the reality you experience. Do you immediately start looking at your phone when you wake up? Are you instantly being overwhelmed with emails, texts, or social media. If that is the case, I highly encourage setting some personal limits of parameters to the start of your day. I am currently practicing looking at my phone to turn off any alarms and then really thinking about where I am and appreciating ALL that I have.

For example, as I wake up I will think….

I am so grateful to wake up in a cozy bed with an incredible husband next to me. What a gift it is to have a roof over our head in a home we love. How cool is it that I get to stay in my pajamas and work for a couple of hours while the boys sleep. I can’t imagine not having electricity or plumbing to get ready in the morning. I am so fortunate to have these things I take for granted on a daily basis….

I will continue feeling appreciation and gratitude as I get ready for the day and create a positive head space and mindset.

2. Appreciate The Little Things

As you start your day and really focus on your current situation, think about ALL the little things in your life that other people would do anything to have or experience. For example, if you are able to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other pain free you are extremely blessed! If you have food in the fridge and clean water to drink, you are blessed! Notice the things we tend to forget or expect….it will make a huge difference!

3.Write It Down & Say It Out Loud

Dedicate 5-10 minutes out of your day to write down things you are currently thankful for and then say them out loud! If you need to, repeat your list a few times OR give a reason why! Allow yourself to FEEL it.

4.Lift Up Others

Think about others and lift them up. You will constantly keep perspective of what is important and be reminded of how blessed you are.

5.End The Day Positive

No matter what happens throughout the day, try to end it by thinking of the positive. Find one moment that you felt grateful for and focus on that before you go to sleep. Repeat that moment or thing over and over in your mind and channel your feelings/energy toward it.





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