Creating Habits: 5 Tips To Start

I was thinking about habits that I have created over the years and the things I do as an adult without even thinking twice about. It is so interesting to reflect on what becomes “normal” in our daily or weekly routine. Creating new habits can feel completely overwhelming because we can allow ourselves to make it a bigger thing than it actually is or needs to be. I am all about simple, easy changes that accumulate over time as opposed to big and bold change (unless necessary for a specific reason). I truly believe creating consistency in anything is the secret sauce with establishing any new routine or habit.

I thought I would share my top five tips that have helped me with creating and maintaining my own personal habits. I would love to know anything that has worked for you!

1.Start Small

Many times when we want a change, we want to go full out or nothing at all. We set these huge goals for ourselves and place unrealistic expectations on what that is going to look like. When creating something new, start small and allow yourself those “wins”. Keep the big picture in mind and recognize you can continue to build upon each small change.

2.Set Realistic Expectations

If you start smaller with your behavior change you can also set more realistic expectations for how that is going to look in your personal life. Nothing has to be 0-100, even when implementing something new. Decide what works for you and how you can stay committed and accountable with yourself. Once you feel comfortable and successful with the new behavior, you can add on from there!

3.Have A Plan

All new habits sound great in our minds, however if we go into something new with no game plan, we most likely won’t be successful. Decide how you are going to implement the change and think about what that will actually look like in your day. Do you need any outside resources? Do you plan on implementing it the same time of day? Is your family involved?

4.Keep Track

When starting something new, documenting or keeping track can help you stay motivated and see the big picture. You can pre-write what you are wanting to change in your calendar and cross it out as you complete it, or you can track as you go. Keeping yourself accountable is a huge piece of it, until it becomes more natural and mindless!

5.Give Yourself Grace

It is okay to have a bad day. You have not failed at something if you fall short of your goals. Habits take time and consistency. Keep the big picture in mind!

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As always, sending light and love!




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