Baby Activity Bag Favorites For Car Trips

I recently shared some of my favorite activities to bring in the car for my toddler. You can check out that post here. I thought I would share some of my favorites for our younger son that I find myself using or gravitating towards. For reference he is 4.5 months! I would love to know your road trip must haves!

1.Spiral Activity (Car Seat)

I love having this to hang in the car during this stage. I am always sitting in the back with the boys, so I can make sure it is placed in a good spot for our son. He really loves it!

2.Crinkle Books

I love having crinkle books to show our son and have him explore/play with. They are easy to pack and also nice to use at destinations. There are so many different kinds that are wonderful!


Our son loves rattles and noise! They are easy for him to grab and also nice to chew on!

4.Teether Toys

Our son is definitly in the put everything in your mouth phase, so any type of teether is great for the car!

5.Suction Toys

Our son loves playing with these in the car which is great because we also use them when he is sitting!

What are some of your staple items?

As always, sending light and love.




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