Find Your Fit: Let’s Get Up Program

I have shared my thoughts on different fitness programs or trends that you can find here: Beachbody, Orange Theory, Fit4Mom. I thought I would also share my thoughts on specific programs I personally complete and a general overview. I prefer to follow some type of program because it keeps me motivated and gives me something to look forward to. I like to change it up by alternating with other programs, adding in walks/runs, or doing an in person class. I do not like to be rigid in my routine or the types of workouts I “have” to do.

I wanted to share my thoughts on a new Beachbody dance program that I just completed (not a coach). I have been completing this program along with a strength training program (9 week control freak) together to alternate the types of workouts I am doing within a week. I have really enjoyed the program and wanted to break it down.

Overview: The program is danced based with strength endurance built in. The program is 4 weeks long with 6 days of workouts… 4 dance, 2 weights, 1 rest. Each dance is different, however the strength workouts repeat (2 of each type). Each workout is on the beat and follows 8 counts, including strength. There is a modifier for each move, as well as a preview of each dance move prior to learning it. All workouts are 30 minutes long.

Structure: Each workout includes the exact same components or format such as..

Warm Up (4ish minutes), Tone & Tighten (4ish minutes), Learn Combination 1 (4ish minutes), Learn Combination 2 (4ish minutes), Insanity (4ish minutes), Stack Combination 1 &2 (8ish minutes), Cool Down (2-3minutes).

Combination Breakdown: For the dances and strength there are 4 moves that are learned and repeated through 8 counts. Each move is introduced and practiced for eight 8 counts, then four 8 counts, and then two 8 counts (repeated twice). When the combinations are “stacked” or practiced back to back each move is in the two 8 count range.

Pros: Dances do not repeat, good structure to keep attention, fun!

Cons: Muscular endurance instead of strength, on a beat for strength which can seem too fast at times

Overall, I really enjoyed the program and had a ton of fun! I personally do not follow the nutrition portion and just use on demand for my workouts! I would love to know what you are currently loving.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on 9 Week Control Freak as well as the Peloton app!

As always, sending light and love.




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