At Home Toddler Hair Cut

My two year old is not a fan of getting his hair cut…like at all.  Many tears have been shed over getting his hair trimmed and each time I would pray we were the only ones in building. After a few visits I decided I was going to purchase some scissors and attempt them at home. I have now been cutting his hair for a few months, and he has done great! I currently only use scissors since his hair is fine (and he is freaked out by clippers)  but have ventured out with my husband’s hair.  I  wanted to share some things to consider if you plan on cutting your toddler’s hair at home and what has worked well for us!


1.Find A Good Spot

I have tried a chair, on my lap, and the bathtub. My son prefers the bathtub because he isn’t too confined and I can quickly clean up once we are done. Test out a couple of different spots and see which place your child responds to best or prefers. If your child is in a chair, I recommend cutting outside so there is no clean up.

2.Provide Entertainment

Having your toddler distracted is key! I allow my son to watch an episode of a show to keep his head looking a certain direction and still. I have tried toys, books, etc, however his head would move too much or he wouldn’t keep it in a certain direction long enough which extended the whole process. Using his IPAD has worked great for us and is a special hair cut treat!

3.Purchase The Correct Tools

Definitely invest in some scissors, clippers, and comb. I also use a spray bottle to keep his hair damp throughout! It makes it so much easier having the right tools. Here is what I use!

Clippers (husband), ScissorsSpray Bottle

4.Start Small & Follow Their Lead

I was pretty nervous starting out so starting small and cutting only a little helped me become comfortable and used to cutting hair. I had to learn how long my son could stand there for me to do it and what worked best for him to become more efficient. His hair cuts now take around 10-15 minutes which is great!

5.Make It Fun

I like to make it a special time for him by watching a show and eating a favorite snack. It is something he now enjoys and a special thing we do together.


** I also recommend watching videos on cutting hair in general. This helped me so much not only for my son, but also my husband. You definitely become more comfortable each time and better with practice!




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