5 To Dos Before Company

We have enjoyed family visiting the last two weekends and spending time together. I have shared on my Instagram how we set up our sleeping arrangements and accommodate whoever is visiting us. We love hosting and cherish any time with loved ones. I thought I would share what I like to do before company visits and some things that work for our family. I would love to know anything that works for you!

1.Meal Plan + Groceries

I like to plan meals for the weekend so I know what to purchase and am more mindful of groceries. I typically plan easier meals or dishes we can prep ahead so we aren’t spending a ton of time cooking. I also like to purchase any favorite items or requests for whoever is visiting.

2.Sleeping Arrangements

We tried to be mindful of beds in our boy’s rooms since we only have three bedrooms. Our youngest has a trundle king in his room and our oldest has a bunk bed with a queen on the bottom. We can utilize both rooms if needed which is perfect. We move the twin bunk mattress to our floor for our oldest and the crib to our room for our youngest.

3.Clean Bathroom + Move Boys

I like to clean our boy’s bathroom the morning of and move all of their things to our bathroom. That way company can have the entire side of our house to themselves and not worry about sharing with kiddos. They take their baths, brush teeth and use the bathroom in ours.

4.Quick Clean Home

I like to do a quick clean the night before or morning of. I will clean the bathroom, floors, counters, etc. I deep clean once a month and maintain the remainder of the time. You can read more here: Weekly Cleaning + Chores, 5 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean, Zone Cleaning Schedule.


I make sure all towels and linens are washed and cleaned for company. I also like to wash our normal clothes before company arrives so it is one less thing to do after! It definitely saves me some times…and some loads.

As always, sending light and love.




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