Flying With A Toddler

I recently traveled from Texas to Tennessee with my 14 month old and dad to visit my Grandmother. This was my son’s first airplane ride and big vacation. I was a little nervous going into since he stopped nursing at 13 months and is extremely BUSY. Sitting still is not his thing, so imagining him sitting on my lap for a few hours was a little nerve racking. I wanted to share my take-aways from our trip!

  • Have snacks, water, and food ready to go!
    • I brought a meal on the plane both times to give him something to do and eat during his “normal” time. I also offered a squeeze pack during landings to help with his ears since swallowing helps pop them (taking off their ears are able to naturally clear).
  • Have toys, books or entertainment out and easily accessible. 
    • I don’t know about you, but I feel like seats keep getting smaller and smaller. They seem especially tiny with a 24 pound toddler on your lap so having everything out and in the seat pocket in front helps!
  • Bring what you really need.
    • Limiting what I took was amazing! I already had a pack n play at my Grandmothers (thanks Dad), we rented a car with a car seat for a few extra dollars a day, and I wore a backpack as my purse/diaper bag. Not having 23024504 things to worry about was SO nice and made it extremely easy!
  • Flying during “nap” time is prime.
    • On the way there we flew late afternoon/evening and he was a WIGGLE worm. I got a workout trying to entertain him the entire time, and wow it was exhausting. However, on the way home we flew in the afternoon during his normal nap time and he slept most of the way which was amazing, and a nice break for Momma!
  • Board last …
    • We boarded in our normal group the first flight and sat there SO long. It was just extra time of him getting anxious/wanting to move, so boarding last the second round was beyond helpful! We basically took off a few minutes after boarding which was amazing.
  • Have a “diaper change” bag
    • I kept my changing station essentials in a large ziplock bag to carry with me to the restroom while changing him. This helped not dealing with the entire backpack and trying to pull everything out. I like to keep diapers, wipes, small diaper cream (if needed), doggie bags, and a change of clothes all together.
  • Go with the flow!
    • Traveling can be stressful without kids, but adding them in the mix can raise your blood pressure. Kids will be kids, so just do the best you can and enjoy the memories!

We will be traveling to Florida this summer for a family trip, and even though he can sit in my lap again, I learned he would be better in his own seat where our family can have an entire row and he can get some movement/wiggles in.

What are your travel tips for little ones? I would love to know!


Toddler Travel.JPG


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