Yearly Take Away: 32

Each year I like to reflect on lessons I have learned or been reminded of around the time of my birthday. I have shared a couple posts from previous years that you can check out here: What I Learned In My Twenties & Yearly Take Aways: 31. I thought I would share some take aways from this strange year of a pandemic, new city, pregnancy, and life in general as I welcome this next year with open arms! I will try not to overlap ones from my previous posts. I must say, I truly am loving my thirties and am so thankful for each year!

1.Lean into current seasons instead of constantly thinking about the next or wishing time away

2.Disconnect to connect

3.Check in on others, pray for them, and be a cheerleader

4.Prioritize your health in all aspects- mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, financial

5.Self care does not have to be an elaborate thing

6.Ask questions and think for yourself

7.Listen more than you speak

8.Respect differences and understand the why

9.The world is full of distractions…lean into God and the things that matter

10.Consistency is still the secret sauce in so many areas…health, parenting, routines

11.Be careful what you consume

12.Relationships matter

13.Do things for you…no one else is living your life

14.Ask for help in the areas you need it

15.Never underestimate the little things

16.Say “yes” to your kids

17.Everyone struggles or is going through something…even the happy ones

18.It is okay to have boundaries

19.Hate the sin, not the person

20.Control what you can, and leave the rest to God

21.Being joyful and happy is a daily choice

22.Practice gratitude every day

As always, sending light and love!




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