5 Morning Habits Before Mom Mode

Last week I shared five easy tips on creating and establishing habits or routines. You can check out that post here! As I was going through my morning before our son started his day, I began thinking about the little routines/habits I have in place that happen before he wakes up. They honestly have become such an automated part of my day that I don’t even notice when I am doing it most mornings. I thought I would share five simple things I like to do that are not anything elaborate or time consuming, but make a difference for me personally!

I would love to know any of your daily routines or anything you are working towards creating/implementing!

1.Open Blinds

I love having our blinds open and natural light in our house. It makes the home feel “happy” and is an instant mood booster for me!

2.Unload/Load Dishwasher

I have mentioned in a post that we run out dishwasher each night and unload in the mornings. It is always nice starting the day with clean dishes put away and an empty/clean sink!

3.Make Bed

I am a huge advocate of making the bed! It makes my room feel put together and gives a sense of accomplishment right away!


I have mentioned that I love having a few minutes of “me” time in the morning to read scripture and journal. It truly gets me in a good head space for the day and does not take long! Starting your day with a positive and grateful perspective is huge!


I don’t know about you but we LOVE coffee in this house! Enjoying hot coffee with no distractions makes my heart so happy. There is just something about the quiet time with a hot cup!

As always, sending light and love!




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