Helping Our Toddler With Change

I recently shared that our family just went through a big move. You can read more of our story here: New Beginnings. When my husband and I decided this was the direction our family was headed, I was a little nervous about our toddler adjusting and what that experience would be like. It turned out to be better than we anticipated and he did absolutely amazing! I wanted to share ways I tried to make his transition as smooth as possible when there was a lot of change going on in his little world.

I would love to know anything that works for your children or ways you help your family in periods of change/adjustment.


1. Talk About It

A month or so leading up to us moving, I talked to our son about it every single day and what that would look like. We talked about being with Dad, having a new house, his new room, the movers coming, the moving truck….basically anything and everything. I truly believe this helped so much in preparing him and allowing him to understand what was happening.

2.Keep Some Routines In Place

As hard as it is to keep any sort of routine, keeping 1-2 things consistent or stable helps keep a part of their world “normal” during a hectic time. You can read why I value routines here: Why I Value Routines

3.Be Aware Of Your Energy

Children will feed off and respond to the energy you put out. We really made it a goal to stay excited the week of the move to get him excited. He stayed so happy throughout, which was exactly the way we were staying and it helped tremendously.

4.Give Them Attention

This can be so hard when other things are taking your attention and you need to “get things done”, but they need you during those unfamiliar times to be a reassurance. My in-laws actually visited the first couple days we moved in so I could get things done with the house while they played with our son. It was so nice to know he was getting the attention he needed/wanted. My husband and I also did a lot of things once he went to sleep.

5.Make It Special

I think it is so important to make change a good experience. The little things can go a long way and can leave a lasting impression!

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