Christmas Ornament Tradition

I recently mentioned in a gift video that I like to purchase ornaments each year for the people we are gifting to. It has become a yearly tradition that I truly enjoy. I personally love having meaningful ornaments on our tree and love the special memories. We always purchase something we can turn into an ornament when we travel because it is an easy souvenir to come home with. The boys also get an ornament they can put on their room trees, so by the time they become an adult they have special ornaments for their family tree if they are interested.

I always purchase an ornament that is applicable to that person or year. For example, if a loved one got engaged, married, had a baby, became a grandparent, or purchased a home I will purchase something for that milestone. I also will look for things that remind me of them or is an inside joke/story. For example, my sister had a new love/interest for plants, so she received a cactus ornament last year. My brother recently got a Harley, so he is receiving a motorcycle ornament this year. I also like to look for anything that holds a memory. For example, we had a lake trip with family this year where my husband and brother in law fished the entire time. They are both getting a tackle box ornament with the month and year written. My son also started school this year so he is getting a pencil with the class name and year written on it.

We do a family advent calendar which you can see more about here. I like to gift the boys their room tree ornaments during that time. The other ornaments I will have hanging from the wrapped gifts.

I would love to know any special traditions you have! Stay tuned for our advent activities for this year.

As always, sending light and love.




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