Vision Boards & Goal Setting 2021

With 2020 slowly coming to an end, I have began to think about this upcoming year and what I want to accomplish or see in my personal life. I know realistically it may not feel “normal” for the first few months, or even half of the year so I am definitely keeping that aspect in mind. However, I do feel like it is so important to set goals for yourself and create a long term vision. I love creating a vision board and goals at the end of each year. You can check out my tips with creating a vision board here: Vision Boards and my tips for goal setting here: Goal Setting: Top 5 Tips.

This year I wanted to share what categories I am creating a vision and goals for. I like having the constant reminder of what I am working and striving for because it keeps the big picture in mind. Who else loves doing this before the new year starts?

Vision Board 2021 Categories

1.Finances- savings/investment goals (specific numbers)

2.Car – paid off (specific amount and upgrade)

3.Spiritual- growth & involvement with a community

4.Family- grow & prioritize wife/motherhood

5. Travel- husband, family, and friends (at least 1 trip with each)

6.Read- specific number of books per month/year

7.Business- specific stats/numbers

8.Health- routines/consistency/ knowledge (could be a specific number)

9.Mindset – consistent prayer, gratitude

10.Routines- morning, evening, baby

11.Personal Growth

12.Home- specific projects/items

Goal 2021 Categories

1.Time- how I spend


3.Roles- wife, mom, friend, disciple



6.Holisitic Health


What are some things you are working toward this upcoming year? I would love to know!




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