Toddler AM Routine

I recently shared our toddler night time routine here: Toddler PM Routine. 

I don’t know about you, but I love knowing what routines, structures, or activities work for families, especially when creating or implementing one at home. Mornings are a little different than evenings because I schedule things in “blocks” rather than certain times. This all depends on when our son wakes up and we start our day. If you have a child, you know they can definitely throw you curve balls here and there! I still maintain the “flexible schedule” mindset where we have certain routines in place but switch it up if we have appointments, play dates, or random tasks.

What are some things you like doing as a family in the morning? I would love to know!

AM Routine

6:45 (ish): Wake Up & Good Morning Song

Good Morning Song

(tune to happy birthday)

Good morning to you, good morning to you. Good morning sweet (name), good morning to you.

7:00 (ish) : Brush Teeth/Eat Breakfast

7:15 (ish)-7:45 (ish): Independent Play 

7:45 (ish): Get Ready

8:00 (ish) -9:00 (ish) : Walk & Park 

9:00 (ish): Morning Snack

9:15 (ish) -10:45 (ish) : Out Of House Activity

10:45 (ish): Nap Routine

11:00 (ish)- 12:30/1:00 (ish): Nap

After nap we have lunch, read books, play, and work on vocabulary/letters. My husband gets home around 3 which is so nice for family time! If you want to know my personal morning routine check it out here: Morning Routine




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