Reducing Your Grocery Bill: Part Two

I recently shared a post talking about cutting our grocery bill in half and some things to consider when reducing your food budget/spending. You can check it out here: Reducing Your Grocery Bill: Part One. I wanted to share my last five tips when being intentional with your groceries.

As always, I would love to know anything that works for you and your family!

Carnita Nachos – chicken stock made from scratch for rice, meat used three different ways for dinners
Carnita Plate- veggies cut in half to use in another dinner, rice made in bulk

6. Limit Trips/ Designate Day

Having a designated food or grocery day will eliminate those “quick trips” or deliveries that quickly add up! Decide how many times you are going to go to the store or purchase a month. Stick to the days you set and only purchase grocery items on those days. Planning plays a big role in making sure you have what you need for the week and don’t need to make multiple purchases (be aware of toiletry items as well). Those little trips/purchases add up fast! Our grocery day is every Thursday so if we run out of something I will make note of it for the next trip.

7. Create A Spending Goal

Decide what you are wanting to spend with each trip/purchase. This depends if you are shopping weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Create a goal and find ways to stick to it! If you find yourself overspending, you can always use cash!

8.Track What You Are Spending

Tracking and being aware of what you are actually spending can be so powerful and motivating. Follow through by actually looking at what you are spending and tracking your progress!

9. Make Your Own Staple Items

Consider making staple items on your own that are cheap and easy! We love making our own dough, sauces, ground beef, and chicken stock. Even though it may take a little more time, it is always nice eating things from scratch and definitely helps save on costs!

10. Be Creative

Your meals can be whatever you want! There is no “right” and “wrong” way to eat. Think outside the box with your meal planning or items you are purchasing to use for multiple meals.

What are some of your spending or grocery tips?

Sending light and love!




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